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Bikram Yoga Düsseldorf

Are you visiting us for the first time?

Book 3 courses/25 € to test!
Arrive 30 minutes beforecourse startto the studio.
You don't have to register.
You can get towels and a mat from usRent.
Later you can hereBook course tickets onlineand pay
or cash or by debit card directly in the studio.
We look forward to you!




Bikram Yoga is a unique series of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises.

The series was designed for western people to deal with typical health problems

how to eliminate lack of exercise, obesity and stress.

The combination of increased room temperature at 38 degrees and high humidity of approx. 50–60% enable intensive stretching. The warmth stimulates the circulation and initiates detoxification.

If you practice Bikram Yoga three times a week or more, you will become an incredible transformation

experience your body and feel great.


Bikram Yoga Lehrer LaMott Atkins



I played football at Stanford University, studied at the Juilliard School in New York

and appeared as a musical performer in Cats and Starlight Express. 

But after my first Bikram Yoga class almost 20 years ago, I was addicted to Bikram Yoga for just one reason.

Because I felt so grandios. Never before have I felt the energy in my body.

It felt like someone had flipped the switch to my senses.

10 months later I became a Bikram Yoga teacher. I was a student of Bikram Choudury.

Since then I have been doing the 26 poses of Bikram Yoga every day. 


Pure magic!

This is what Bikram Yoga does.


Bikram Yoga Düsseldorf Studio

Hygiene is our top priority in the yoga room.

The floor was specially developed for hot yoga schools. The surface does not become slippery,

when the floor is wet and it is antibacterial.

We have also opted for the most modern heating technology. The temperature is achieved by means of a system that brings hot air into the yoga room. During the training in the yoga room, the temperature and the fresh air supply are regulated fully automatically and the CO2 level is controlled.

The separate changing rooms for women and men are equipped with several showers and offer the necessary comfort. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly products and offer soap and shampoo made from natural cosmetics. Please leave your perfumed gels, deodorant sprays and perfumes at home; in the yoga school we need clean air! There are lockers in the reception area for valuables that you can use free of charge.

You are welcome to bring mineral water, please no glass bottles, or purchase it from us.

Kurse & Preise


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We offer you different yoga tickets.

Choose the right ticket for you here!



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The practice is barefoot in very light sportswear

Bring your yoga mat, large towel and water bottle

Drink enough before yoga throughout the day

Refrain from meals before the start of the course

Point out any health problems before the start of the course

Position yourself in the back of the room for the first courses,

so that you can orient yourself to the other participants

Keep lying down on the mat during the class if you feel dizzy

Don't be ambitious and expect too much from yourself in the 90 minutes

Attend the next course as soon as possible. So comes the exercise.

Do not undertake too much after the first few courses but enjoy your exhaustion.

NAMASTE "The divine in me greets the divine in you"


I usually practice three times a week. The perfect interplay between sporting commitment and meditative spirit is an incredible experience.

Five stars for the teacher LaMott, who makes every lesson a special experience.



The first Bikram hours were totally exhausting and brought me to my limit. But it was worth it!

My back pain has disappeared, my posture has improved and I have built up muscles. For me, Bikram Yoga is a great break from everyday life that strengthens me physically and mentally. 


Never too old, never too bad, never too sick to practice Bikram Yoga.


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